23 May 2011

I Read Where I Am

The book launch last week of I Read Where I Am is accompanied by this wonderful collection of critical notes and observations about how we daily consume and produce our information.

We are street readers. Look at us, info junk dealers, as we zip through the telephone, scan a newspaper we’ve just read, leaf through a magazine. We are the new generation of readers. Not dumber, just faster. We whiz through three lives at once. Let’s be honest: reading has become a different experience. Reading has become looking and vice versa. Information has become tactile. You don’t have to remember anything, you just look it up.

A diverse bunch of authors, journalists, artists, designers and philosophers discuss how new information formats, technologies and platforms are transforming both reading behaviour — into a continuous process of scanning, assessing, sharing, learning, noting, talking, uploading, adding, watching, writing, reacting, et cetera — and the reader’s experience of the written word.

(Feel free to read, browse, scan, skim, bookmark or share at your leisure! Via ellenLupton and Graphic Design Museum)