23 Dec 2011

All year round gift ideas

Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
Victor Papanek’s 1971 polemic against frivolous and useless (product) design.

Dwellings: The Vernacular House Worldwide
Paul Oliver’s fascinating anthropological survey of domestic, community constructed architecture.

Sugru silicone rubber
Hack the stuff you own to make it work better for you.

Spielzeug Kraul products
Smart, educational toys and games from Germany.

Pencil sharpener
This gorgeous Faber Castell 42 pencil sharpener (c.1970) is currently available on Etsy.

Museum or art gallery gift membership
A standard Friends of the Royal Academy membership (£100) permits free entry to Royal Academy exhibitions for one year, plus one adult family guest and up to four family children under 16 years of age. Worth every penny.

Gift a charity
A no brainer. Boing Boing’s annual Charitable Giving Guide lists over 30 fearless organisations.