12 Feb 2013

New music: The Man Who Died In His Boat by Liz Harris’s Grouper

grouper (liz harris) 11 october 2012

Grouper (Liz Harris), Brisbane, October 2012. (via Flickr)

Liz Harris has a knack of creating stripped-down, unpretentious music that is hauntingly beautiful. Put it down to her mastery of music self-restraint and to her ear for minimalist compositions that sound wistfully summoned rather than achingly abandoned.

Grouper’s The Man Who Who Died In His Boat is eleven tracks of stark guitar riffs, somnolent piano, and devastating, glossolalic vocal performances by Harris.

Listen to a sample track from the album (via SoundCloud).

‘The Man Who Died In His Boat’ by Grouper (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes).