30 Jul 2013

Rare early video art by Doris Chase

Early examples of computer-generated art and experimental video by multimedia artist Doris Totten Chase below.

Doris Chase, excerpt from Circles I, 1969–1970, in collaboration with programmers and computer engineers at The Boeing Company.
Computer film based on spinning hoops.

Doris Chase, excerpt from Circles II, 1972.
Colour separated telerecording of film footage to come out of a 1968 collaboration between the artist and the choreographer and dancer Mary Staton.

Doris Chase, excerpt from Jazz Dance, 1975.
Film combining computer-generated outlines of rhythmic dance movements and oscilloscope patterns of music. In the mid-1970s, Chase was creating groundbreaking work at the intersection of video, dance and computer-generated imagery — achieving a ‘hypnotic and strongly rhythmic synthesis’.

You can watch eight video clips from her oeuvre, which includes over 50 films, here.

Curated by Abmeyer + Wood.